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The main purpose of the ram breeding undertaken at Romani (the new home of the Mid-North Coopworth Company or MNCC) is to optimise the profitability/survivability of sheep in the warmer regions of New Zealand, where the toxic fungus that causes Facial Eczema (FE) often severely suppresses productivity. After years of ram breeding in the Waikato and years of FE tolerance breeding, high fertility, together with good growth and fleece weights, have been achieved. MNCC rams are consistently ranked among the top Coopworth sires in New Zealand.

This website provides information about the Coopworth breeding program carried out on Romani, as well as general information regarding sheep farming in New Zealand. If you are interested in purchasing MNCC rams, or have any questions/comments, don't hesitate to contact .

Ram Selection

Ram Breeding and Pricing 2015
2014 SIL Ram Selection List [Excel] [PDF]
SIL Indexes, Dual Purpose Overall Index
Genetic Trends for the MNCC Flock
Gallery of past and present MNCC 2th Sires

About Romani/MNCC

Aims and Expectations of MNCC
Location and Contact Details
NZ Ovine Sire Referencing Group (NZOSR)
NZ Coopworth Genetics (Sheep Society)

Animal Health

Internal Parasites
Introduction to Facial Eczema
Key Points in Control of Facial Eczema
Effect of Facial Eczema on Production
"Facing Up To Facial Eczema" Booklet
The Brucellosis Infection
Factors Contributing to Dagginess in Sheep
Options to Improve Ewe Performance
Pneumonia and Pleurisy in Lambs
Summer Sheep Feeding
Ram Breeding and Gene Modification
Preventing bloat in hand-reared lambs (PDF)

Sheep Breeding and Farming

Understanding Sheep
Selection for FE and Other Mycotoxins
Hogget Lambing
Pasture Quality and Alternative Feeding
Importance of Pasture Quality
Performance Recording
Ultrasound Scanning
Clover Root Weevil
Improving Lamb Survival And Growth Rates
Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering
Androvax and Hogget Mating
Management of Triplet Ewes (PDF)

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